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The Independent Election Commission of the Student Association at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee (SA) officially opened the polls to vote on the new 14/15 SA leadership at 11:59pm on Monday, April 14, 2014.

In total, 25,188 ballots were sent to students at UWM to invite them to cast their vote. The polls were open until 11:59pm on Thursday, April 17, 2014.

Upon closing, we can confirm that the final results were as follows. 1,337 students voted in total, and the following individuals have been elected to the respective positions for the 2014/15 academic year:


  • President: Ryan Sorenson
  • Vice President of Student Affairs: Evan Braun
  • Vice President of Academic Affairs: Ari Stone
  • At-Large Senators (10 seats available): Paul Garni, Brandi Hernandez, Justin Kraemer, Peter Armstrong, Thomas Kelly, Maurkes Swarn
  • Lubar School of Business Senators (2 seats available): Zach Orr, Rebecca Adame
  • Helen Bader School of Social Welfare: Max Eggenberger
  • College of Letters & Sciences (3 seats available): Raphael Allen, Franco Ferrante, Maya McCarthy-Neal
  • Peck School of the Arts Senator: Joquori Brown
  • College of Engineering & Applied Sciences Senator: Jon Holsbach
  • Colleges of Health Sciences Senator: Brett Weyers
  • Veterans Advocacy Senator: Rebecca Patterson
  • Student Organization Advocacy Senator: Annabelle Arney
  • Non-Traditional Advocacy Senator: Jhosselin Perez
  • Students of Color Advocacy Senator: Kennia Coronado
  • LGBT+ Advocacy Senator: Sara Villarreal


There were no candidates elected for the positions of: School of Education Senator, Graduate School Senator (2 seats available), Architecture & Urban Planning Senator, School of Information Studies Senator, College of Nursing Senator, International Student Advocacy Senator, Graduate Student Advocacy Senator, Commuter/Transfer Student Advocacy Senator, Women’s Advocacy Senator, or Students with Disabilities Advocacy Senator. Students interested in filling these seats are encouraged to collect the required number of signatures (see the elections website for details) and apply to fill the vacancy through the Senate. Details about how to do this will be released shortly.

Thanks to all students who voted and congratulations to our winning candidates. Applications for Executive Committee positions will be made available within the coming days.

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